A new design for the iconic Boston Ice Cream and Coffee shop.

J.P. Licks came to us because they needed a better performing website that didn't look boxy or lose any of their trademark funkiness. We developed a new responsive look that kept all of their quirkiness including an old-school visit counter that will better serve their customers when they are looking for the soft-serve flavor of the day, the nearest location for their ice cream fix, find the right cake for their party, or what beans are roasting at their headquarters.

Singer, Songwriter, and Author

Dar Williams Website on mobile, tablet, and desktop
Dar needed a refreshed website that could be easily edited and updated by her team with minimal fuss. We used our own Slab Web Publishing Platform to create a unique design that would show off her books, appearances, concerts, and music. Built-into her website is a newsletter engine to send out notifications to her fans. We created a site for her years ago, and are excited to have her back with us again.

Card, Dice, and Board Games for the whole family.

With a completely custom backend, compelling design, and functionality, Gamewright got exactly what they wanted and nothing they didn't. The website filters for age, type of game, and learning skills. It shows a handy location tool for where to buy and more.

Game detail page

Custom Filtering

Website Design for Author Kwame Alexander

Website Design for Author Kwame Alexander

Kwame Alexander is a poet, educator and best selling author of over 24 books. We designed his site to reflect the vibrant, fun aspects of his work.

All good web design must have a plan for tablets and phones. We ensured that the image choice in the hero graphic would always show up in the right position regardless of screen size, and made the design of his mobile layouts were as unique to him as possible and branded to his particular aesthetic.

Homepage scroll 1

kwame alexander homepage scroll screen capture
Kwame's site has a long scrolling homepage with unique information but also links deeper into his site. We started with a hero graphic with a call to action, information about the author and more links below that.

Homepage scroll 2

kwame alexander homepage scroll further down
Here we showcase Kwame's main areas of action - to book him for workshops and speaking appearances. Below that we have links to his works, events, and news. This encourages greater visitor interaction from the homepage.

Homepage scroll 3 with featured gallery overlay

kwame alexander homepage scroll with featured gallery overlay
Kwame has a complete gallery of photos on the gallery pages of his website but a simple gallery of thumbnails and popups allows visitors to get a quick glimpse of some from his homepage.

Books & Stuff section

kwame alexander web design books and stuff
Here Kwame can feature and describe each of his books in detail with links to where to buy. Each entry is automatically added to the sub-navigation to the right, keeping navigation between his books easy and intuitive.

Liz Linder Photography

Liz Linder was happy with her existing website but had a hard time editing it. Her blog was in a different location and she needed one place for everything. We made some small changes to her design but gave her a new website where she could edit all her entries including her galleries from our Slab web publishing platform. Her work is amazing and we highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for fine photography.

The largest game of tag in the world

We developed this site in cooperation with Cody Borst, the game's creator. With the website and now the app (in French only for now, api developed for cocktailgames) visitors can track their physical cards and see where they have been passed throughout the world, commenting and connecting in a vast game of social virtual and physical sharing.

Website Design

We are thrilled at the opportunity to create an excellent new site for Marshall Watson Interiors. By keeping true to their branding and the aethetics of their new book, we were able to create a responsive and elegant site to match the company's impressive body of work.

Interiors and Architecture section

marshall watson interiors and architecture section
We created a custom portfolio for Marshall Watson that loads the main image in grid blocks, clickable to detail images with popovers that serve as a gallery.

Interiors and Architecture Gramercy Park Detail page

Interiors and Architecture Gramercy Park Detail page
Once you choose a project from Marshall Watson's main portfolio page, you get a variable grid of thumbnails set both as portrait and landscape, allowing you to scroll down to easily see all the image without using the gallery popover. This works well for users in a hurry or who want to get an overview.

Press section

marshall watson press section screenshot
Marshall Watson has gotten some seriously good press. We formulated a custom module to help them showcase their best citations. It works like their custom portfolio, but it focuses on showing spreads and individual pages from the magazines in which they are featured. As with all our work, the section is easily edited without the need for a confusing admin area.

Signature Collections section

Marshall Watson Signature Collections section
Marshall Watson has his own lines of furnishings for sale at 3rd party sites. We enabled them to showcase them on his own site to more easily convert visitors into customers.

Book Section

Marshall Watson Book Section Website Screenshot
Marshall Watson's new site coincided with the publishing of his new book. We created a layout that worked in harmony with the artwork of the cover.

Mobile and Tablet layouts

Mobile and Tablet layouts Marshall Watson
Mobile design is important. We preserved the style and unique branding for mobile and tablets so that visitors will get the sense of the Marshall Watson brand regardless of how they visit the site.


Homepage scroll

Discography section

Featured Artist Section

Calendar Listings

Tablet and phone views

Website Design

Homepage scroll

Our Team section

Team section scroll

Our Science section

News and Publications Section

The Robot Whisperer

Website Design & Custom Case Studies Submission Form

Chace Ruttenberg & Freedman, LLP thrives on solving their client's most complex legal problems. The firm delivers sophisticated, high-quality legal services in a responsive, personal and cost-effective manner. We built a claim engine into the website so that individuals can file a claim online.

Attorneys Directory

Practice Areas section, cross referenced with Attorneys

Case Studies Claim Submission

The Law Offices of Marc Canner

Cannerlaw blog

Homepage scroll 1

mobile phone (Galaxy Series)

Our Firm section

Website Design

Catie was one of our very first clients back in 2002. Her site has undergone many redesigns over the years and the content has grown during all that time. For her latest album she needed a clean, bright design to match the look of her latest release.

Homepage scroll 1 with signup overlay

Homepage scroll 2

Discography section

Edie Read : I Draw

Website for Aaron Shadwell - musician, performer, & Shadwell the band.

Aaron Shadwell homepage
Aaron came to us with some specific artwork that needed a variable scaling full screen front page with multiple layers. His logo resizes independently from the background, leaving him on the couch in front. The site is a single scrolling page managed by multiple modules and widgets.

YouTube playlist page

Aaron Shadwell's YouTube Playlist

Tracks from Bandcamp

Aaron Shadwell Tracks from Bandcamp

Contact and Signup

Aaron Shadwell Contact & Signup page