Editing Your Content

Upload MP3s


First, login to your page. Then go to your music module, often called "CDs". From there, click on the edit button to add a CD to your page. The CD page will have a button called "New Track" where you can add individual songs to your page.


  1. Click on 'New Track'
  2. Select the title of the CD that you created from the CD pull down muenu
  3. Title the Track
  4. Click Browse/Choose to select and MP3 from your hard drive.
  5. Add any Description, Credits, Copyright, and click SAVE

To encode tracks from a CD to MP3s.

  1. Insert disc in to your computer, open iTunes.
  2. Set Preferences in iTunes

Preferences > General > Import Setting Button
Import Using MP3 Encoder
Setting: Higher Quality (192 kbps)

  1. Click 'Import CD' in iTunes
  2. Importing the CD will encode the CD as mp3 tracks, and creates a folder in the iTunes Directory. You will find this file in the step above when you browse your hard drive for the mp3 file.